Virtual Programs: For Kids

Culture Pass partnered with museums and theaters across the five boroughs to bring library patrons dozens of free virtual programs in the spring of 2021.


Events gave library patrons the chance to learn about everything from ancient Mesopotamian literature to contemporary Chinese architecture, from cooking and the cosmos to the history of air travel and stories of sunken subway cars. 

Culture Pass programming is made possible through generous funding from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), Charles H. Revson Foundation, New York Community Trust, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.


You can find the full list of Culture Pass programs for kids on this page, or click one of the options below to browse other programs:






Goofing Around with King Manor

4/1/2021 3:00pm
Presented by King Manor
Explore practical jokes, riddles, and humor in the 19th century and learn how to make your own fish-themed April Fools prank game! Suitable for families and kids grades 2-6. Suggested supplies list: Craft foam, felt, fabric, or sturdy paper Clothesline clips Scissors Pens and/or pencils Markers (optional) Glue (like Elmers or Tacky glue) Decorations! (optional) Sequins, stickers, pipe cleaners -- whatever you have available!
Ages: Children, Families. Runtime: 1 hour. Language: English.


The Language of Art: Exploring Identity at the Jewish Museum

4/6/2021 3:00pm 
Presented by Jewish Museum
Learn about a selection of artworks from the Jewish Museum’s stellar collection of 30,000 paintings, sculptures, and ceremonial objects. Explore the ways in which artists address themes of immigration and identity with a special focus on connections between traditional art and contemporary life.
Ages: Families / All ages. Runtime: 1 hour. Language: English.


Tea Time with King Manor / L'heure du thé avec King Manor

4/8/2021 3:00pm
Presented by King Manor
Discover 19th-century tea etiquette and learn about the beautiful patterns and designs on teaware from the 1800s -- then make your own paper teacup to display! A bilingual French/English program, suitable for families and children of all ages. Suggested supplies list: White printer paper Crayons, colored pencils, or markers Scissors Scotch tape or glue stick

Découvrir l'étiquette du thé du XIXème siècle et les jolis dessins qui décorent ses tasses et théières. Puis fait sa propre tasse de thé en 3D pour décorer sa chambre ou sa table ! Présentation bilingue anglais/français. Équipement recommandé: Papier blanc de l'imprimeur Crayons de cire ou crayons colorés Ciseaux Du scotch ou bâton de colle
Ages / Ans: Families / Familles. Runtime / Dureé: 1 hour / 1 heure. Language: English and French.


Tiempo junto con el Guggenheim Museum Taller familiar con los abuelos Fecha

4/17/2021 10:00am
Presented by Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
Las cuatro estaciones en el arte En este taller digital interactivo, abuelos y nietos harán un viaje juntos alrededor del sol a través de obras de arte sobre las cuatro estaciones de la Colección del Guggenheim. A medida que exploramos, recopilaremos inspiración para crear nuestras propias obras de arte multimedia con el tema de las cuatro estaciones. Materiales sugeridos: papel, materiales coloridos para dibujar, tijeras, cinta adhesiva/pegamento
Años: Familias / Todos. Duración: 60 minutos. Idioma: Español.


Creative Movement

4/22/2021 3:00pm
Presented by Children's Museum of the Arts
In this active remote class, children will explore storytelling and cultural connections through physical movement, dramatic play, and storytelling. Materials Needed: Comfortable clothes to move in, small space to move around, paper & favorite coloring tool (marker, colored pencil, crayon, etc.)
Ages: Children. Runtime: 40 minutes. Language: English.


Let’s Go on an Archaeological Dig!

4/29/2021 4:00pm 
Presented by Jewish Museum
During this hands-on, interactive program, children ages 7 through 10 will discover what happens on a real archaeological dig. They will hunt for artifacts, look closely at objects they discover, sketch what they find, and learn about the tools archaeologists use on an excavation.
Ages: Children. Runtime: 1 hour. Language: English.


Redbird Reef Puppets

5/4/2021 4:00pm 
Presented by New York Transit Museum
Come meet our puppet friends Cecil and Fiona and listen to a story all about Redbird Reef! Find out about retired Redbird subway cars that took a dive into the Atlantic Ocean to create a new home for fish, and make a simple hand puppet from materials we can find at home!
Ages: Children ages 4-7. Runtime: 45 minutes. Language: English.


Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without: Recycling in Colonial New York

5/5/2021 3:00pm 
Presented by Van Cortlandt House Museum
We often think of recycling as something we do today to help the environment. In the 18th century, recycling and repurposing were a big part of life. Explore Van Cortlandt House Museum with our Director as she takes you behind the scenes to look at the collections items that would have been recycled. You'll also learn how to make a simple citrus cleaner from ordinary household items.
Ages: 8 and up. Runtime: 30 minutes. Language: English.


Celebremos el Cinco de Mayo

5/6/2021 3:30pm
Este taller de manualidades se dará en español para niños mayores de 7 años. Se utilizarán materiales de uso común en casa para crear piezas de arte y celebrar el significado histórico de esta fecha. This workshop for kids ages 7+ will be a hands-on program lead in Spanish. The project will utilize common household materials to create an artwork that will celebrate this holiday and highlight its historical significance.
Ages: Children. Runtime: 1 hour. Language: Spanish.


Terrariums of the Extra Terrestrial

5/8/2021 2:00pm 
Presented by Wave Hill
Could you ever imagine what lies beyond the earth beyond our most wild imaginings? It is estimated that about 96% of the universe is made up of stuff astronomers cannot see, detect, or even comprehend! Use your wild imaginations to create galactic terrariums, small containers holding natural materials, to imagine your own extraterrestrial garden-scape. In this session, we’ll explore what makes up some of the 4% we do know about our universe, wrestle with some of astronomer’s biggest questions, and create our own stories of the beyond.
Ages: All ages. Runtime: 45 minutes. Language: English.


In the Beginning There Was Dance: Dance & Storytelling with Pia Monique Murray

5/15/2021 11:00am
Presented by Cumbe Center for African & Diaspora Dance
One of the oldest forms of expression on Earth, when one dances West African Dance one is connecting with the past and simultaneously devising ways to move forward as a community. There’s a Ghanaian word for this phenomenon, Sankofa. Join Pia Monique Murray for a creative movement workshop that uses Kuku, a traditional celebrational dance from West Africa, to animate the West African tale of cause & effect, "Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears." Participants will build community, learn a short choreographed phrase and have the opportunity to create original dances to bring the story to life.
Ages: Children ages 3-6. Runtime: 45 minutes. Language: English.


Air Fair: The History of Airports in Queens

5/15/2021 12:00pm
Presented by Queens Historical Society
Queens currently has two incredibly busy airports, La Guardia, and JFK International. These were not the only options that Queens residents have had since the turn of the century. Queens has long been a bustling center of aviation, and travel for NYC, now more than ever. We'll go over how the Jet Age shaped Queens tourism, and what travel has been like over the decades, and the historic spaces associated with it.

Actualmente, Queens posee dos aeropuertos increíblemente ocupados: La Guardia y JFK International. Pero estos no han sido las únicas opciones que los residentes de Queens han tenido desde el siglo XX. Por un largo tiempo, Queens ha sido un bullicioso centro de aviación y para el viaje a NYC, ahora más que nunca. Hablaremos de como la Era de los Jets dio forma al turismo en Queens, y como los viajes en avión han cambiado a través de las décadas, al igual que los espacios históricos asociados a la aviación.
Ages / Años: Families / Familias. Runtime / Duración: 1 hour 30 minutes / 90 minutos. Language: Bilingual English & Spanish.



5/18/2021 6:00pm
Presented by Dyckman Farmhouse Museum Alliance
Connecting the past to the present through the farming life experience in colonial times; learn about the life of the people who helped build Upper Manhattan.
Ages: Families / All Ages. Runtime: 1 hour 15 minutes. Language: English.


Naturalist Studies from My Window

5/22/2021 2:00pm 
Presented by Wave Hill
What are the stories of spring unfolding just outside our windows? Create your own sit spot, a place you can repeatedly visit to observe nature, at your favorite window. In this session, we’ll create handbound books to use as our very own nature journals. We’ll learn the different methods that naturalists use to connect closely to and ultimately protect their environment. We’ll also explore ways to make our sit spots special to us as individuals as we honor and care for our environment from our very own place in the world.
Ages: All ages. Runtime: 45 minutes. Language: English.


-Ish Expressions

6/2/2021 3:00pm
Presented by Children's Museum of Manhattan
Let’s find new ways to express ourselves and our feelings with visual art, music, movement, and more! Join us for a storytime featuring Ish by Peter Reynolds followed by special activities and games to showcase our feelings.
Ages: Children. Runtime: 30 minutes. Language: English.


Ciencia Planetaria

6/4/2021 10:00am 
Presented by Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
Entre las estrellas fijas se encuentran puntos de luz en movimiento que ahora conocemos como planetas. Desde los anillos de Saturno hasta los cráteres de Mercurio, cada planeta tiene una composición única. ¡Únase a nosotros en este viaje mientras exploramos los planetas de nuestro sistema solar y más allá!
Años: Familias. Duración: 60 minutos. Idioma: Español.


She Who Wrote: Enheduanna and Women of Mesopotamia - Exhibition Preview and Art Exploration

6/6/2021 2:00pm
Presented by The Morgan Library & Museum
Join Culture Pass for an exclusive sneak-peek at the upcoming Morgan exhibition, She Who Wrote: Enheduanna and Women of Mesopotamia, which opens Friday September 10, 2021 and continues through January 16, 2022. Participants will explore ancient artworks in the exhibition and discover Enheduanna, the first writer identified by name in human history, as well as the mythology of Ishtar, the goddess of love and war.
Ages: 10 and Up. Runtime: 1 hour. Language: English.


Fantastical Foil!

6/9/2021 3:00pm
Presented by Children's Museum of Manhattan
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a mythical creature for a pet? Join us for a storytime featuring If I had a Gryphon by Vikki VanSickle and an opportunity to make fantastical tin foil sculptures.
Ages: Children. Runtime: 30 minutes. Language: English.


Springtime on the Farm

6/10/2021 4:00pm 
Presented by Wyckoff House Museum
Join Family Programs Coordinator Chloe for a reading of Before We Eat: From Farm to Table by Pat Brisson, followed up by a seed starting activity using materials found at home.
Ages: Children. Runtime: 45 minutes. Language: English.


Words to Music: Sheridan's "Rivals" becomes Mechem's "Rivals"

6/10/2021 7:00pm 
Presented by Bronx Opera Company
Bronx Opera offers a preview of their Sunday Night @ the Opera presentation on BronxNet and featuring Kirke Mechem's 21st century "loose" updating of Richard Brinsley Sheridan's THE RIVALS.
Ages: Adults. Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes. Language: English.


Under the Eaves: A Look at the Enslaved Peoples' Quarters at Van Cortlandt House

6/16/2021 2:00pm 
Presented by Van Cortlandt House Museum
Van Cortlandt House Museum's director will also discuss the research and recreation of objects to show how the space may have looked in the 18th century. The tour will also reveal architectural details in the attic that helped to define this space as former slave quarters.
Ages: 12 and up. Runtime: 30 minutes. Language: English.


CMA: Hacer Arte es la Mejor Forma de Vivir 

6/17/2021 3:00pm
Presented by Children's Museum of the Arts
CMA - Hacer Arte es la Mejor forma de Vivir - La actividad es inspirado por Sam Durant, quien tiene una práctica artistica y politica. Se realiza su trabajo a través de fotografías, dibujos, textos y esculturas. Exploraremos la imagen y la escultura a través de esta clase de arte de 30 minutos. ¡Traiga sus piedras, botellas y colores para este divertido taller interactivo! Materiales: Lápiz 2 hojas de papel blanco (se prefiere papel grueso o multimedia) Roca, botella o plato Pintura acrílica brillante o tempera Pincel para pintar 
Años: Niños. Duración: 45 minutos. Idioma: Español.


Insectos Marvillosos

6/19/2021 10:00am 
Presented by Queens Botanical Garden
En este taller exploraremos las características del cuerpo de los insectos y sus funciones. Los participantes aplicarán sus conocimientos para crear uno o varios insectos modelo.
Materiales que necesitan los participantes: Hojas de papel, Colores y/o pintura, Tijeras, Pegamento o cinta adhesiva, Opcional y extra: plastilina o arcilla y materiales naturales como ramitas y hojas
Años: Niños. Duración: 45 minutos. Idioma: Español.


Crazy Quilts

6/19/2021 10:00am
Presented by King Manor
Discover the colorful world of crazy quilts, a popular way for 19th century people to put their fabric scraps to good use! Make your own crazy quilt square with supplies from home.
Ages: Families with kids grades 1-6. Duration: 1 hour. Language: English.


Back to the Future: Create a Time Capsule

6/21/2021 10:00am 
Presented by Brooklyn Children's Museum
This interactive program will explore objects from the past that are part of Brooklyn Children's Museum's collection that will inspire us to make our own time capsule. Participants will reflect on this historic moment that we are living through and generate creative ideas about what will help us remember this time- photos, drawings, writing, masks and memories!
Ages: Children ages 5-10. Runtime: 30 minutes. Language: English.


MOCAKIDS Storytime at Home! Paddle Away with Us/欢迎参与华人博物馆讲故事时间活动。

6/23/2021 4:00pm 
Presented by Museum of Chinese in America
MOCAKIDS Storytime is a lively, bilingual 30-45-minute combination of fun activities and language exploration designed to enhance your young child’s word skills and vocabulary. Best for ages 3-6, younger & older siblings welcome. 欢迎参与华人博物馆讲故事时间活动。这是一个为时三十分钟的现场互动活动。届时,您的孩子将有机会参与一系列互动游戏,探索并提高儿童的词汇量及语言能力,为日后流利的中文阅读能力打下坚实的基础。本活动针对3-6岁的儿童设计,同时也欢迎各个年龄段的幼儿及以上儿童参与。 MOCAKIDS Storytime at Home! Paddle Away with Us Time to row and go, go, go! Grab your paddles and drums as we learn about the legends, foods, and traditions of the Dragon Boat Festival. We’ll read books about a family celebration and a dramatic boat race before we practice some rowing moves and work together to row ourselves across a finish line!
Ages: Children ages 3-6. Runtime: 45 minutes. Language: Bilingual English & Mandarin.
年龄:3-6岁的儿童。 播放时间:45分钟。 语言:双语英语和普通话。


Time Together with the Guggenheim: Fantastical Animals

6/24/2021 4:30pm 
Presented by Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
On this virtual tour and family art workshop, meet the artistic animals in the Guggenheim’s collection as inspiration for making your own creative creature using materials you can find at home.
Ages: Children. Runtime: 1 hour. Language: English.


Amazing Animals!

6/25/2021 9:30am 
Presented by Brooklyn Children's Museum
Whether they can regrow a tail or lift 1,000 times their weight, our animal friends at Brooklyn Children’s Museum have super powers! All animals, including humans, have unique gifts that help us to survive, grow, solve problems, and live our daily lives. In this online program, we'll explore the science of regeneration and expert survival skills through this interactive workshop with our reptiles, insects, and spiders. Families will identify their favorite animal super power and reflect on their own superpowers!
Ages: Children ages 2-8. Runtime: 30 minutes. Language: English.